Last Friday, 11 CCF RAF Section cadets had a brilliant day at Leuchars' Station with 12 Air Experience Flight. 

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed flying in and taking control of the Grob Tutor Aircraft. Also experiencing aerobatics, pupils said it was an unforgettable day and that the pupils cannot wait for their next visit. 

A group of cadets also had the opportunity to visit Air Traffic Control, where they witnessed a Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft performing circuits while listening to radio communications as well as watching their peers taking off and landing. 

S2 pupil and RAF cadet Eilidh, was flown by 12 AEF Flying Officer Ewan Robertson who, during his time as a regular RAF officer, flew alongside Eilidh's father and former pupil Bruce (1986 - 1992). 

Wg Cdr Montgomery shared: "Thanks are due, as always to the 12 AEF pilots and all those who work in numerous capacities on the ground to enable our cadets to fly."                                                                                                                                                                                          

CCF RAF cadets take to the skies