At the College, the mental wellbeing of pupils and staff is a top priority and initiatives like Children’s Mental Health Week strengthens the messaging shared across the community.

Running from Monday 7 to Sunday 13 February, this year’s awareness week focuses on the theme of ‘Growing Together’ and asks children, teens and adults to consider how they have grown, and how they can help others to grow. 

Here’s an insight to what we’re doing here at the College and some resources to build knowledge.

Mrs Webb, Head of Junior School shares: “In the Junior School our current wellbeing focus is to ‘take a moment’ to improve our mental health and build resilience.  We know from research that it is important for us to ‘take a moment’ in our busy lives to slow down. When we take time to slow down, we learn to bring stillness to our busy minds. It allows us to pay attention to what is happening right here and now.  By choosing where we direct our focus, placing it on something helpful and moving away from unhelpful things can benefit us all. 

"Mrs Johnson and Mrs MacLeod have led assemblies sharing ideas with the children and when we return to school after the mid term break all the classes will share their learning in assembly time. Activities have also been shared with parents to complete as a family.

“This theme complements our Junior School community approach to Health and Wellbeing. Building on our programme of work, the units previously taught were the value of being resilient, keeping connected, respecting yourself and challenging your mindset."

Mrs Willetts, Head of Guidance highlights: "Assemblies are running all week in Senior School exploring what growth really means. We know that teenagers are physically changing and developing but we also recognise the importance of the changes taking place in the teenage brain. Teenage brains are still developing their emotional regulation and good judgement skills - which can make life tricky! Teenage brains also demonstrate excellent neuroplasticity and capacity for learning. This type of growth can lead to rapid improvements in sport, music, dance and academics. We know at Robert Gordon's College that as our pupils strive to use all of their masterly skills they will continue to demonstrate great personal growth across all aspects of College life. We are asking pupils to reflect on how far they have come and to strive to be their best selves through making one small change. Form activities are running alongside the assemblies."

Mr Fish, Deputy Head (Pastoral) summarises: “It’s been a tough couple of years for all of us but especially for young people. Being a teenager is hard enough without having to put up with lockdowns. We want all of our pupils to know that we put a high value on good mental health. Only by tackling mental health issues head on can we ensure that all of our pupils can be happy and successful, in that order.”

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