Pupils from across the College have been immersing themselves in the vibrant festivities of Chinese New Year. 

During their specialist Mandarin lessons, our Nursery children were excited to delve deeper into Chinese traditions. Mrs Adams read ‘Happy Chinese New Year, Elena!’ in both English and Mandarin. The children also welcomed Xiaolin Niu from the Confucius Institute of the University of Aberdeen. They loved learning more about the Chinese Chopsticks Dance, popular in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, before having the opportunity to try it for themselves. 

Primary 1 and S1 pupils gathered in MacRobert Hall (unfortunately a rain shower took the event indoors this year) to welcome Yee’s Hung Ga Ellon Branch who performed a Lion Dance. The rhythmic beats of the drums and the dynamic movements of the lion created an atmosphere full of excitement and wonder. 

Some of our S2 and S3 pupils also had the unique opportunity to participate in a Kung Fu workshop. This hands-on experience allowed them to appreciate the discipline and skill involved in this traditional martial art, fostering a deeper connection with Chinese customs. 

Mr Campbell, Head of Languages, said: “In today's globalised world, promoting an inclusive and culturally diverse educational environment is absolutely essential to aid the development of young people as accepting, tolerant and open-minded individuals. Celebrating various cultural festivals is one of the ways to raise cultural awareness and understanding.”

Mrs Adam, Teacher of Mandarin, shared, “Chinese New Year is also referred to as Lunar New Year, because it is not just celebrated in China, it is also celebrated in other Asian countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and more. Our school is such a diverse community where pupils can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of traditions and customs, encouraging an open-minded environment and respect for different cultures.”    

X─źnNián KuàiLè!

Pupils explore rich tapestry of Chinese culture and traditions