On Saturday 1 June, Robert Gordon's College welcomed back the Class of 2014 for their much anticipated ten year reunion. Under sunny skies, the RGC Pipe Band and Highland Dancers performed to welcome former pupils as they arrived back through the gates at Gordon’s. For many attendees, this marked their first return to the school since graduation, travelling from near and far to reminisce with classmates and revisit their former stomping grounds. 

The morning began with a warm reception in The Craig Theatre for Performing Arts, showcasing a photography exhibition that transported them back to their school days, sparking nostalgic conversations and lots of laughter. The energy truly ramped up as the RGC Pipe Band and Highland Dancers took centre stage with a stirring performance enjoyed by all in attendance.

Laura Presslie, Director of Development, Marketing and Admissions, officially welcomed former pupils  back to the College along with Robin Macpherson, Head of College who shared an update on RGC's progress over the past decade, highlighting the success of the recent school inspection, some of the key differences at the school and exciting new initiatives. 

The College tours were conducted in smaller groups, facilitating a more personalised experience. Strolling through familiar hallways, former pupils embarked on a nostalgic journey through time, reminiscing about past experiences while admiring the blend of the past and present, with newly built facilities standing alongside modernised old spaces. The celebration concluded with a two course lunch in the Thomas Mackie Dining Hall, providing time for catching up with old friends, teachers, and former staff members.

Lara Carnegie, Teacher of Physics, shared: “It was so great to see the 2014 class again on Saturday. They had so many new and exciting updates on careers and families, it was amazing to hear the huge variety of roles and locations their hard work has taken them. I was very happy to hear how fondly they talked about their time at RGC and to see them enjoying being together in the quad again. It was a wonderful reminder of the hugely important role the College plays in our pupil's lives and what a privilege it is to help shape the futures of our young people.” 

Robyn Dunbar-Smith, former school captain from the Class of 2014 expressed: “It was a lovely day all round catching up with old friends, teachers and even forging new connections. It was great hearing what everyone has been up to. My peers seem to have certainly crammed in a huge variety of impressive and interesting feats over the course of the last decade! I enjoyed speaking with current pupils about their experience and time at RGC; the modernisation that has taken place since 2014 is evident and the opportunities afforded to current pupils are truly incredible. It truly was an excellent day and a huge thanks to all involved in its organising!”

Steve Anderson, commented: “It was a pleasure to have flown across the pond from Canada to reconnect with old classmates, teachers and the fantastic staff that make Robert Gordon’s College operate so seamlessly. I was happy to hear how fellow classmates were pursuing life ‘to the best of their own ability,’ and pupils leaving the College now know there is a network of Gordonians across the world ready to support and mentor them.”

Laura Presslie summarised the event perfectly: "It was fantastic to see so many of the leavers from the Class of 2014 back at school. We were filled with pride seeing each former pupil arrive back through the gates to the quadrangle and the reunion provided a great opportunity to hear about the diverse career paths that alumni follow when they leave school. We are grateful for all the support our alumni provide to pupils and the school more widely. Reunions like these are a vital part of our school calendar as we celebrate the special bond that unites Gordonians."

The success of our reunions serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring spirit of the Gordonian community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to making this event a truly special and memorable occasion.

Class of 2014 return to Schoolhill to celebrate their ten year reunion