During their Computing Science lessons, Primary 7 pupils were using some lessons from code.org to learn some programming concepts and noticed that code.org had teamed up with Coldplay to run a competition called Create with Coldplay and code.org.

Congratulations to Riyansh who won two tickets to see Coldplay at Hampden Park National Stadium in August through his creative coding competition entry

Mrs Rutherford, Teacher of Computing Science, explains: “The pupils had to write a program to create a dance routine to Coldplay's single, Higher Power. Riyansh created a video of himself and others dancing to his program, along with the avatars.”

Riyansh says: “It’s a big surprise! It’s really cool and I like Coldplay a lot. In Computing, Mrs Rutherford introduced us to the competition and three of us from school entered. I found the competition fun as coding is interesting to me. I’m taking my dad to the concert and I am really excited.”

Primary 7 study Computing Science in the Senior School Computing Laboratories as part of their transition programme from Junior School.

Watch Riyansh’s final video below where he and his friends have a little Dance Party in Computing Science.