Staff and senior cadets in the Robert Gordon’s College Combined Cadet Force (CCF) continue to  work together to build a programme of virtual activities for recruits to continue their general training. Wg Cdr Montgomery shares an update on the exciting and collaborative opportunities in the CCF.
Over the last year, the recruits have been taking part in online activities including Core Values and Standards, First Aid and Navigation and using the game based learning platform Kahoots for learning badges of ran. There’s also been an award for the best dressed cadet thrown in for good measure. 
Cadets in senior years have experienced a wide variety of activities in exercise planning, leadership, a humanitarian exercise, spot the difference competitions and virtual Female Leadership sessions for girl cadets. Several senior cadets have obtained the Method of Instruction qualification and may now assist in teaching younger cadets on a range of subjects. 
A “Fireside Chat” also took place with Lindsay Bruce, retired SAS and 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland hero and now a champion of the United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. 
We are grateful to Sgt Steph Richardson of the CCF RAF Scottish Training Evaluation and support team for delivering communications training to RAF Section cadets outside of the normal parade times. This resulted in a Blue Communications Badge gained by five cadets.
Particular mention goes to Cpl Mikey Nicoll, who was awarded the Silver Cyber Badge following training delivered virtually over a week long course in the October holiday period - the first Robert Gordon’s College cadet to achieve this. Well done Mikey!
Meanwhile, piping and drumming lessons continue on a weekly basis for 130 learners with our team of instructors maintaining enthusiasm and momentum through individual and group lessons and practices. The standard of playing continues to improve and all musicians are looking forward to playing at events such as Highland Games and also competing in our bands when this becomes possible. Not to be outdone, the musicians have also enjoyed some light relief through initiatives such as a Pipe Band Avatar competition.
Cadets of all ages are to be congratulated on the commitment and loyalty they have shown all through the past year, when field days, adventurous training, flying, annual camps, courses and an exchange trip to Poland for three senior cadets were all cancelled. We were glad that it was possible to have face to face training with S2 recruits before Christmas to ensure that the beginning of their CCF career was a highly positive experience. The Remembrance Service and Parade in November, involving all cadets, was also a highly memorable occasion for all members of the organisation.
Thanks are due to Capt Keith Paul, Flt Lt Susan Rhodes, WO1 Jason Sumner, SSI Scott Black, new staff recruit Ms Victoria Forbes, former cadet Rowan Monaghan and the wider team of musical instructors and senior cadets for their enthusiasm and drive to maintain engagement and progress and, above all, provide a source of diversion and enjoyment for all involved in the CCF. 

Wg Cdr Montgomery shares an update on the exciting and collaborative opportunities in the Combined Cadet Force