On Friday March 11th, Robert Gordon’s College hosted a ‘Day of Diversity’ to celebrate the various cultures, ethnicities and sexualities in our multicultural school. Hear from our School Captains, Ailsa and Anish, below.

After holding virtual and in-person assemblies for all year groups on the importance of diversity, pupils and staff were invited to wear a traditional outfit or bring an important item that represents their identity. 

The strong community spirit in our school was abundant on our ‘Day of Diversity’ with over 150 pupils and staff dressing up in traditional clothing and highlighting the significance of personal objects. Truly, this was a celebration of our unity in Diversity.

Hopefully, this initiative will grow in future years and become an important stepping stone for a truly inclusive and accepting society. However, diversity extends far beyond the clothing we wear and the objects we have. Embracing diversity is about open-mindedness and acceptance!

So, how can you be an ambassador for Diversity?

  • Understand your own culture by embracing the differences between yourself and friends from different backgrounds

  • Build conversations and confidence. Ask open-ended questions and be genuinely interested in other cultures and ideas.

  • Research into other cultures but never stereotype! Not everyone will have the same experiences so it is important to be open-minded.

Blog: 'Day of Diversity'