As the academic year came to a close, the Robert Gordon’s community celebrated the end of term and pupil achievements across the College. 

Junior School Celebration

On Tuesday 25th June, Nursery to Primary 7 gathered at The Music Hall for their End of Year Celebration and Prizegiving event.

A Superchoir of P3-P7 pupils opened the event singing ‘Love Shine a Light’. The Junior Band then performed ‘500 Miles’.

Kevin Reynard, Chair of Governors, welcomed everyone to the service and expressed his thanks to the community for their support throughout the year, especially during the HMIe inspection.

Mrs Tulloch, Head of Junior School, delivered an inspiring review of the year, celebrating the dynamic tapestry of outstanding achievement, teamwork, friendship, unforgettable trips, vibrant house community, co-curricular activities and the strong threads of service to others woven together at Robert Gordon’s. She encouraged the pupils to, “continue to work hard, stay positive, and always strive to be all you can be. Embrace every opportunity, open every door, the sky’s the limit and with hard work and determination, anything is possible.”

Emphasising the importance of teamwork in success, guest speaker Bob Keiller CBE encouraged the children to “be the team player you would like to work with” and “don’t be afraid to be a team leader,” while underscoring that “I didn’t achieve anything working on my own.”

Each year group delivered their highlights of the year, followed by a year group performance. Nursery and Primary 1 presented a highlights video, while pupils from Primary 2 to 7 took to the microphone and shared their highlights in person. 

Closing the celebration, Silvia V, P7 Dux, delivered the Vote of Thanks and congratulated the Primary 7 Class of 2024 as they take their next steps towards secondary education.

Mrs Tulloch, Head of Junior School, said: “We all enjoyed a fantastic celebration of our pupils' outstanding efforts and achievements from a busy year. It was lovely to come together as a whole Junior School with parents, family and friends. Pupils confidently shared highlights of learning from each class before singing an amazing array of medleys to entertain us all. The Music Hall came alive with the buzz of happiness and success. It was a very special way to end the session.”

Senior School Prizegiving

On Friday 30th June, senior pupils and staff processed to St Mark’s Church where Mrs Liz Clark, Vice Chair, welcomed the audience along with guest speaker David Stenhouse, Class of '86 and CEO of The John Schofield Trust and Mr Macpherson, Head of College.

The S1/2 Choir performed Chasing Cars by Gary Lightbody at the S1-S3 Prizegiving. At the S4-S6 event the Senior Ceilidh Band performed ‘Passing places’ by Mairearad Green, Harry W played Un Sospiro - Lizst on piano and Emma R sang Wild Mountain Thyme.

Mr Macpherson reported: “It was a special moment to be able to celebrate all the achievements of our pupils, and also to reflect on the past year. David Stenhouse gave a superb oration and it was a real pleasure to have him as our guest.”

Mrs Smith, Head of Senior School, announced the prize winners at each event, welcoming them to the stage where they were congratulated by guest speaker, David Stenhouse. 

The School Captains delivered the Vote of Thanks at each service, Harry W to S1-S3 and Lucy H to S4-S6. 

Harry encouraged his younger peers to, “start something new, or even if you’re doing a lot already, stick in with it as the friendships and the lessons you learn will pay dividends for years to come. Before you know it, you’ll be in my position now and be wondering where all the time went, so the best time to start is now.” 

Lucy reflected on the past year at RGC, and recognised the many people who have supported S6 through their final year. She left the future S6 with some advice and tips for the year ahead, before highlighting to the Class of 2024, “We are leaving school into a challenging and uncertain global environment. Our knowledge, skills, tenacity and resilience will enable us to follow many different journeys through life. I truly believe that RGC has provided us with every opportunity to thrive."

The audience then watched the current captains carry out the traditional Brooch and Shield Ceremony with the 2024-2025 School Captains Michael O, Isabella A, Ananth S and Jules R marking the handover from one year to the next.

Mrs Smith, Head of Senior School, summarised: “Closing the formal events of this session, these celebrations not only recognise the accomplishments of pupils but also serve as an inspiration for the entire school community, fostering a spirit of encouragement and motivation as our pupils look forward to the next academic year.”

Pupil celebrations marks joyous end to successful term