Across the College, the Junior and Senior School are celebrating European Day of Languages which takes place on Sunday 26 September 2021. 

The Robert Gordon’s community is enriched with cultures from all over the world. Within the pupils and staff base, there are over 286 people who speak another language in addition to English covering an impressive 51 different languages. The top ten languages spoken being French, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Russian, Urdu, German, Arabic and Polish.  

Celebrating European Day of Languages in a very special way, S2 pupils took on the challenge of saying ‘hello’ in 100 different languages. Find out how they got on in the below video.

Meanwhile in S6, pupils have recorded an assembly to be shared with classes about the importance of learning a language and why it’s important to them. 

Pupils who speak another language in the Junior School have been learning and reciting poems to classmates. Daniel H (P7) read ‘En el reino del revés’ in spanish, Smilla A (P6) recited the Danish poem ‘Rigtige venner/ I mit hjerte’, Arjun Gupta (P5) versed Machli Jal Ki in Hindi and Lilia S (P6) read ‘Ya veresla’ in Russian. Hear their readings below.


Within the school there are native language assistants who help teach the core languages French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. Recognising how important languages and cultural diversity is for pupils, some of the teaching assistants recorded the below video in their native tongues to share the languages journey at the College. If you’re not fluent in our core languages, make sure to enable subtitles.