Overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, pupils at Robert Gordon’s College continue to show strength in character as they celebrate an impressive set of results at this important time in history. 

The revised SQA exam results saw A-C pass rates of 98.1% National 5, 98.4% Higher and 98% Advanced Higher. Incredibly, 87.1% of S4 pupils achieved eight National 5s and 79.8% of S5 pupils gained five Highers. 

Robin Macpherson, Head of College shared: “We’re delighted to congratulate our senior pupils on their SQA results. They should feel very proud of what they’ve achieved when you consider everything that’s happened this year. We’re feeling extremely proud of our pupils. Exam years are always stressful, but this year pupils have had to face obstacles more than any year group ever have before. This is the first year in 132 years that there has been no public examinations in Scotland.

“It is remarkable to see the success of our S4 pupils who have had the opportunity to study eight National 5 subjects which is an important part of the educational choice at Robert Gordon’s College. S5 is always an important year for pupils who are making career choices and it is reassuring to see that the Highers have continued to perform well. We pay special tribute to the Class of 2020 for their fantastic results and wish all pupils leaving the College happiness and success for their future. 

“Staff at Gordon’s who have been on this unprecedented exam journey with pupils are especially proud. They have supported pupils emotionally and intellectually throughout their time at school, and especially so during the period of COVID-19. We are truly amazed to see how pupils have handled adversity, and it has not been the same without pupils and teachers together physically in the classroom. We are looking forward to welcoming back all pupils in just over two weeks’ time.”

Video: Robin Macpherson congratulates all pupils who received their exam results


2020 revised SQA results