Over the past few weeks, music has filled the College with face to face music lessons resuming after a year of virtual lessons.

Most recently was the return of Ms Darolti’s violin lessons with Junior School pupils. Aditi, Dhruvi, Emily, Freya and Lyle (pictured right) joined the session.

Ms Darolti, Upper strings instructor said: “It’s a really exciting time in the Music Department after more than a year of online lessons.

“Pupils reacquainted themselves with the instrument, the bow and bow hold and had fun playing open strings accompanied by funky tunes.

“Having the pupils together for lessons has been fantastic for them to play with their peers again and learn from each other through sessions”. 

Also making a return was in-person brass lessons and pictured (right) is Alistair D with his euphonium and brass teacher Mark Boyd.

Watch some of the activity from the Music Department through the dedicated music playlist on YouTube.

Junior School pupils get back to face to face violin lessons
Pupils get back to face to face music lessons