We were delighted this week to welcome Mr Moir, Lily’s grandfather, into Nursery. Mr Moir spoke to the children about his time as a firefighter in Aberdeen. The children were enthralled with his stories about fire engines, hoses, and about getting dressed very quickly into a firefighter’s safety gear. We looked at each piece of clothing in turn and were very happy to hear about how safe the clothing would keep those who are fighting fires. Mr Moir said he could get dressed in his full kit and breathing apparatus in 30 seconds so we decided to put this to the test. As the children counted to 20, Mr Moir very quickly began to put on his full safety gear. When we finished counting, we were completely amazed to see that Mr Moir had transformed into a firefighter. We are very grateful to Mr Moir for coming into Nursery and for sharing the vital and invaluable work of firefighters in our community.  

Mrs Kinsey