Ten Senior School pupils from Robert Gordon’s College joined a select group of international pupils for a virtual Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL) workshop. 

Staff and students from Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire, USA hosted the session which focused on the electoral system in the USA with a look at the 2020 Presidential Election and its aftermath. 

Joining pupils from Prestige College in South Africa and Kristin School in New Zealand, all pupils added insight by detailing electoral processes in place within their home nation. Later in the workshop, participants were placed in groups and challenged to create the most effective electoral system and voting method. 

Robert K (S6) said: “It was fascinating to see the democratic systems I’d studied in so much depth be evaluated by the actual voters from that country.”

Zoe E (S5) detailed: “I really enjoyed the workshop and found it really interesting. Definitely worthwhile and I would have enjoyed speaking for longer. I would do something similar again.”

Anish S (S5) added: “I would love to participate again in another workshop in the future!”

Traditionally a select group of pupils would attend a GAIL Convention at one of the schools in the network, however with overseas travel on hold, this venture to a new online format maintains momentum in bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the forefront. 

Robert Gordon’s College formed an alliance with schools in other parts of the world whose vision and ethos we share. Through this alliance, pupils and staff from each institution can experience living and working together in pursuit of a global objective: to learn from each other, to recognise a common humanity which transcends cultural and religious differences and to see one’s own culture from a different perspective. For more information on GAIL and other partnerships, visit our International Community page

Pupils participate in GAIL International workshop