As our oldest year group leave the school gates to become former pupils, they close the books on school education and take their next steps into a variety of future pathways.

What an energetic, exciting and memorable conclusion to their final year of school! Throughout June, S6 have participated in a variety of activities and events. 

Their first event, held at Countesswells, was a hit with ‘It’s a Knockout’. It was filled with inflatable obstacles, thrilling challenges and delicious burgers, making it the perfect kickoff for their end of term celebrations.

Next, it was all smiles and laughter at their S6 photograph, with pupils gathering as a year group to have one last formal picture together. They also reflected on the significance of their last year in school.


As their final week of school drew to a close, our S6 pupils, families, and staff, attended the Leavers’ Service at the Kirk of St Nicholas. The RGC Pipe Band performed as families arrived. Mr Allan Bicket, retired Head of Classics, played the organ and Rev Duncan Eddie led the service. 

The Leavers’ Address was delivered by Moira Murray, retiring Junior School Teacher, who many of S6 know from their days in Junior School. She studied business, specialising in industrial psychology and went on to work in recruitment, training and personnel management, before joining the education sector. 

Mrs Murray shared: “From the early classroom years you have a crucial toolkit of the essential academic and personal key skills to take you all through life and the confidence to use them.

“When recruiting or considering teams, whilst technical expertise was the essential baseline, what made people stand out and indeed, what made their own working life rewarding was their personal skills. How they functioned within a team or as team lead; reliability; thoroughness; being open and receptive to change; creativity, vision and inventiveness to bring forward new ideas and see ways for things to develop; to let their voices be heard; positivity; their respectful dealings with others - be it clients, patients, colleagues, pupils, animals - in any field an absolute priority.

“1. Recognise your achievements and abilities - always, 2. Be open to the right change at the right time, and 3. Talk with who you need to, when you need to.”

The Chamber Choir, Melissa M, Emma R and Iona C performed a variety of musical pieces. Finlay G, Angus F and Ruth H delivered readings. 

The audience was particularly moved by Jefline J’s heartfelt and humorous reading, ‘For the Class of '24’. Jefline highlighted: “So finally Class of '24, as all good things must come to an end, so must our school days. I just want to say a big Well Done to all of you! We finally did it. I know there were definitely times where we were stressed by assignments and exams and we were just waiting for school to be over. However, looking back on it now, it feels like it’s all gone by a bit too fast. This year just shows that we can do whatever we put our mind to. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you plan to do. I can't wait to see what life brings each and every one of us and to see how much our lives have changed at the 10-year reunion. But for now, we are done! We have finally graduated! Here’s to the Class of '24!”

Mr Macpherson, Head of College, concluded the service. Afterwards he said: “S6 is a very special year and it’s one in which the relationship between staff and pupils changes to one of partnership in running the school. This gives us a shared sense of pride in everything that they have achieved in a formative year, and that makes the leavers’ service even more emotive. We’re so proud of the Class of '24 and they have been superb throughout their time at RGC. We wish them every success and happiness in the future, and they are now all proud Gordonians.”

Following the service, a Graduation Ceremony took place in MacRobert Hall. Mr Macpherson, Head of College, welcomed everyone and Mrs Smith, Head of Senior School, invited the year group to take their final steps across the stage to collect their scrolls from Mr Macpherson. Laurence McLeod, President of the Gordonian Association, presented each pupil with a GA pin badge, formally welcoming them to the former pupil community as they embark on their new journey as Gordonians. 

Archie L, S6 Gordonian Student Leader, expressed his gratitude to the President of the Gordonian Association for giving him, along with Aditi, the opportunity of being student leaders. He shared: “While many of us may be sad that our time at the school is coming to an end, it is important to remember that we will continue to have a connection to the school and our school mates for the rest of our lives.”

Mrs Smith invited families to enjoy refreshments in the Quad while the Class of '24 collected their yearbook and leavers’ hooded tops. With the sun shining above Schoolhill, families gathered to take some final school photos around the iconic areas of school.

Mr Hardie, Head of S6, added: "It has been a privilege to share my first year as Head of S6 with the Class of '24. They have excelled in many aspects of school life and I'm very proud of the service they have collectively given to the College and the leadership that they have demonstrated throughout. They have set a high bar for the next cohort of S6 pupils to aspire to. I wish each and every one of them the best of luck for next year and beyond and would urge them to stay in touch as they move beyond Auld Hoose to the exciting futures that await them."

Mrs Smith, Head of Senior School, summarised: “The Class of ‘24 have been an impressive year group, bringing a healthy mix of hard work and fun to the S6 experience. I would like to thank each and every one of the pupils for being the most positive role models for younger year groups. We have loved working with them and are in awe of the impressive range of post-school destinations they are moving on to. The gates will always be open to welcome them back to share their journeys and successes in the future.”

Goodbye S6, Hello Gordonians