Robert Gordon’s College Pipe Band member Liam B (now S1) delves into history to learn more about The Gordon Highlanders regiment - an ancient contingent of the British Army. 

Built of men from across North-east Scotland, The Gordon Highlanders served for over 200 years and Sir Winston Churchill commended the force as “the finest regiment the world has ever seen” in 1900. 

Liam’s great uncle served with The Gordon Highlanders 1st Battalion during the Malaya Emergency in the early 1950’s and today, Liam’s grandfather volunteers at The Gordon Highlanders museum as a researcher. 

During his 15 years of volunteer service, Liam’s grandfather (Stewart Mitchell) has written two books about The Gordon Highlanders. His first book, “Scattered Under The Rising Sun”, tells the story of the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders which fought in Malaya and Singapore. “St Valery and its Aftermath”, Stewart’s second book, explores the 1st and 5th Gordon’s Battalions who fought in France in 1940 and Scotland’s worst day during World War II.

As part of a national celebration of the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day in May 2020, Liam learned the pipe tune “The Battle’s O’er”. When the Museum’s Curator, Ruth Cox (maiden name Duncan - a former Head Girl of Robert Gordon’s College) became aware of his video, she uploaded it to the Museum’s Facebook page where it received positive engagement.

Following this, the Museum’s Chief Executive asked Liam to play for the museum again to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the surrender of the 51st Highland Division at St Valery-en-Caux. To commemorate the event, Liam played “Heroes of St Valery” next to The Gordon Highlanders statue at Aberdeen’s Castlegate - which again proved popular when a recording was shared on the museum’s website.

Liam is pictured (right) playing the historic anthems wearing the Gordon tartan. 

Liam plays tribute to The Gordon Highlanders
Liam plays tribute to The Gordon Highlanders
Liam plays tribute to The Gordon Highlanders