The Gordonian Mentoring Programme was launched to provide senior pupils and young alumni access to the wealth of experience residing within the Gordonian community.

Mackenzie C (S6) talks below about her experience of connecting with former pupils via the Mentoring Programme.

The Mentoring Programme at Robert Gordon’s College has been an inspiring and eye-opening experience for me and I would strongly recommend it to any pupil who is seeking advice and support regarding their career path. I was quite unsure of what course to study at University and the programme has provided me with clarity and the opportunity to gain an insight into the multiple professions in which I am interested.

I have spoken with a number of former pupils so far, all of whose advice has been extremely informative – they have welcomed any questions I may have had and most importantly, they have been absolutely lovely! I have connected, through video call, with former pupils specialising in all kinds of professions, ranging from journalism and law to presenting and drama. No matter what journey you decide is right for you after school, there is always someone there to help. The mentoring programme has been a crucial factor in helping me to decide what to study at University.

I first connected with former pupil, Rosemary Morton (Class of ‘11), who is Chief Sub-Editor of Scottish Field magazine. She equipped me with knowledge pertaining to the field of journalism and, although I have since decided to apply for courses in Law, the experience was invaluable and something you really cannot find elsewhere.

More recently, I connected with former pupil, Alexandra Wessel (Class of ‘03), who is an Executive Director and Senior Counsel at Goldman Sachs and lives in central London where the universities I have applied to are located. Alex helped me to cement my decision to study for a degree in law and to apply to multiple Universities in central London. She also put me at ease by reminding me that the course for which I apply is not the be all and end all and I will always have the freedom to pursue whichever career I want.

Finally, I am very much looking forward to connecting with Katy Johnston, (Class of ‘13), who is a radio presenter for Capital Radio based in Glasgow (see her full profile on page 4 of the Pelican Magazine), as I still have a strong interest in the world of radio and TV presenting. I really could not recommend the mentoring programme highly enough to anyone who wishes to connect with former pupils in a bid to discover more about the careers that interest them.

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