Raising awareness of Earth Day 2022, the Green Beans Sustainability Club invited pupils to participate in the ‘Invest in our Planet’ campaign, highlighting the various environmental challenges that face our planet.

Primary 6 and 7 pupils in the co-curricular club produced an information video for classes to watch which included the trailer for ‘The Year Earth Changed’, narrated by David Attenborough. They also asked all pupils to add a ‘touch of green’ to their uniform whilst considering sustainable options to support this.

Mrs Robertson, Sustainability Lead said: “Whilst the lights may be off across Junior School today, in support of Earth Day 2022, there is light ahead as our young learners continue the momentum experienced during our Sustainability Fortnight and COP26 in November 2021.

“All classes enjoyed watching the video created by our Green Beans which encouraged their peers to really think about making a difference to invest in our planet. It is fantastic to see the variety of green and sustainable items that pupils have customised on their uniform. It has been a creative way to enhance pupils’ consideration for this global awareness day.

“It is inspiring to see the ideas that continue to evolve through our sustainability activities where we have achieved the elimination of plastic bottles at Countesswells for Sport lunches. Now, pupils all take their reusable water bottles instead. In addition, we have worked with our new in-house Coffee Shop to  promote the use of reusable coffee cups. We are looking forward to working on an initiative to plant trees linking to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and collecting plastic water bottles and cans to generate funding for this project.”

Olivier P, member of the Green Bean Sustainability Club said: “I hope that Earth Day will ensure a cleaner future for the environment where we can all live in harmony with the wonderful wildlife on planet Earth.”

Trailer: The Year Earth Changed