Senior pupils and PE staff had the pleasure of hosting Judy Murray who visited Countesswells Sports Fields on Thursday to run a workshop focusing on sports performance, leadership and coaching.

As part of the community programme and work with Battle of the Brits - a Scotland versus England tennis tournament at P&J Live - Judy has been making time to visit local schools and groups during her time in the city. 

Meeting with Senior Sport Captains of RGC hockey, rugby, netball and tennis teams along with leaders of dance and ski teams, Judy talked about her rise from club tennis player, to Scotland Number 1 and universities badminton champion before being the proud parent and coach of son’s Andy and Jamie, as well as other high performance British tennis players. 

Pupils also had the chance to hear about her experience of participation and performance sport, how it’s changed over the years and the opportunities it’s given her to focus on her new long term passion of coaching and coach development, across the world but mainly within the UK, to help grow tennis and the quality of delivery for everyone. 

Through the Judy Murray Foundation, Judy sets out to make her passion to give young people the tools to coach sports a reality. She hosted a workshop with pupils sharing coaching techniques to help them build on their current skills in coaching sports in and outside of the College. How to start off simple, develop exercises and how to make things challenging…with a bit of competition!! 

Ailsa, School Captain, 1st VII Netball Co-captain and 1st XI Hockey player shared: 

“Having Judy Murray at our school was such a valuable experience. Through her engaging speech and gameplay involving balloons, bean bags and of course tennis racquets, we were able to understand the complex but exciting nature of coaching. 

“Judy is truly an inspiration; she has supported her family while carving out a career for herself. We are grateful that she took the time out of her busy day to speak to us and open our eyes to the coaching side of sport.” 

Mr Harper, Head of Sport, added: “It was such a pleasure to welcome Judy to RGC and Countesswells. It was inspiring to hear Judy’s passion for sport, not just playing it but also coaching it. 

“Everything she says comes from a place of experience and to have her share a room with some of our performance sports pupils who will go on to achieve great things was fantastic. I especially enjoyed the engagement she had with the pupils (and staff), it was interactive, fun and inspiring - who knew keepy ups with three balloons could be so competitive!

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Judy and Laura for taking the time to visit us and give our pupils something I hope they will be able to use along their sporting journey.”

Judy Murray host RGC sports workshop at Countesswells