Last week, some of our Primary 7 pupils participated in the Primary School Rotary Club Quiz. 

Held in MacRobert Hall and joined by several other schools in the district, our Primary 7 pupils; Renee, Daniel, Katie, Blair and Ayo had a fantastic time competing whilst working together as a team. 

Mrs Proctor, Junior School Teacher shared: “The children did very well. The competition was tight with only a few points between the top scores. In the end the team came third but they very much enjoyed the experience.”

However this was not the only competition result of the evening. Earlier in the academic year, pupils were tasked to produce a prose or poetry piece titled ‘Peace’ for the Young Writer Competition organised by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. 

We are pleased to announce that two of our Primary 7 pupils won across two different age categories of the competition and will progress to the national finals. 

Ryan - Winner of age 10 category

Kosi - Winner of age 11 category

Mrs MacLeod, Deputy Head of Junior School said: “It is fantastic that the District winners in both the Junior and Intermediate categories of the Rotary Young Writers competition are pupils from Robert Gordon’s College. The theme of this year's competition was Peace and the standard of Kosi and Ryan’s written work was quite exceptional.  We wish them all the best in the National Final.”

Read Ryan and Kosi’s written submissions below.


'We Want Peace' by Kosi

There was once an agronomist who would irrigate his plot daily. He scattered seeds into the soil till they grew into lengthy saplings before blooming to abundant lush verdure. However one day, the countryman became indolent and deserted the farmstead. Weeks elapsed whilst the greenery sat thirsting for the farmers nourishment but it was never received. Weeds began sprouting through the turf and contaminating the other vegetation. Before long the rest of the plants were infected and the soil began to deteriorate. Neighbours passing the agriculturalist’s estate had noticed the plantation decomposing for months but still held their tongues. Gradually the ground decayed away until there was nothing left for the weeds to consume. 

Eventually, the farmer came back to observe the plot but it was now a sad brown lump of compost. In attempt to save this sorrowful lawn, he took all the old vegetation off of the land and sowed new seeds. They grew as tall and vivacious as the initial greens had. He became committed to the farm and watered and tended to it every day for the rest of his life.

This garden represents our world. Before mankind, the earth was at peace. Animals were unbound and able to galavant throughout deserts, grasslands and jungles. They didn’t harm the globe's environments or nature. Unfortunately, once human’s colonised this planet we began to pollute and destroy the earth. We built factories, wasted food, and threw our trash into lakes and streams. Skies, once arctic blue, are now clouded with skyscrapers and thick, black smoke. Oceans that were once clear and euphoric are now choked in plastic and oil. People watch and turn their heads as they are not the ones suffering, the planet is. If we continue to live in ignorance we will lose this planet and we will die with it.

We only have one earth, we can’t just leave and go to a new one or throw it away and start over. 

If we salvage our planet so many other things that could enlighten the world would begin to happen. The thick, black smoke may become a glinting waterfall of light. The wonderous oceans would be tranquil and crowded with fish. The world could be free from discrimination. No one judged because of their size, gender or skin and everyone free from starvation, war and injustice. This is the world that we should aspire to have in the future.

This is world we want to be ours. 

We Want Peace.



'Peace' by Ryan Knox

Peace for me can mean a lot of things,
From family, to love, to deserted settings.
Peace can mean no war, or no hate.
Peace can mean having to leave your country or your state. 

Inner peace is there for those who find,
They seek to leave their world behind. 
To relax comfortably, breathing slow,
Leaving their minds to rest down low. 

As the bomb drops you can feel the end,
Knowing that peace is away from them. 
With the bangs and the gunshots fill the air,
They flee for peace, because peace is not there. 

We sit at the beach, looking up at the sky,
Knowing that is where peace does lie. 
We sit and relax in the warmth of the breeze,
Not troubled, having put our worries at ease. 

We sit together maybe playing a game,
Where there's fun, laughter, joy and no pain.
The love is spread out as the happy moments sing,
Knowing that peace is there doing its thing.

Peace can be broken as quick as a beat.
There may be an argument outside in your street.
But if you keep peaceful, your heart will rest still.
You will be calm and polite, I promise you will.

Although wars will happen with unavoidable death,
And there will be criminals who murder or theft.
Peace will never be in them, unless they make a change.
Then peace will welcome them even if they're strange.

So peace is always there, for people who open their hearts.
It will make it less likely for your happiness to fall apart. 
So be calm and controlled because I believe it too,
If you try to be peaceful, then peace will come to you.

Junior School Rotary Club Quiz 2023