Classes across the Junior School have been fascinated by presentations from local and national businesses who have shared how they are helping the environment.

Pupils in Primary 6 enjoyed hearing from Rachael Reid, Keenan Recycling’s Environmental Compliance Manager who uncovered the impact Keenan Recycling is making and their plans for the future.

Keenan Recycling is the largest food and garden recycling business in Scotland and now collects throughout the UK. At its main site near Aberdeen, it operates Europe’s largest In-Vessel Composting Plant which recycles food and garden waste into premium grade compost.

After the presentation the pupils got their chance to ask Rachael their questions. They were so motivated to learn more about the company, the science behind composting food waste and the resources that can be produced from the food waste.

Henry said: “I was amazed that this company is turning food waste into compost plus as part of this process the gases produced can be converted into electricity to heat our homes.”

Esme added: “I enjoyed learning about how the company operates. Without companies such as Keenan, the food would go into landfill and create more greenhouse gasses.”

The class learned a lot of new facts during the presentation. Cameron shared: “something I didn’t know until we heard the presentation was how much food waste can be turned into food waste” and Ayo added: “I was surprised that it was microbes that is helping to break down food waste, which is a natural way of composting.”

P6 hear from Keenan Recycling
Keenan Recycling inspires Primary 6 pupils about the future of food waste