Countesswells Sports Field holds a special place in the hearts of our alumni and it provided the perfect backdrop for our highly anticipated Leavers’ matches where our former pupils return to relive their sporting memories and showcase their skills once more.

Every year, without fail, the atmosphere is electric and this year was no different with football, netball, hockey and rugby all in play. This year, RGC Sport is also raising funds for My Name’5 Doddie. Many of us will remember Lynda Turbet who worked for many years in the Drama and English departments. Lynda was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in December 2016, at the same time as Doddie Weir, and the Robert Gordon’s community is supporting a charity close to her heart.

On the football field, former teammates turned opponents showcased their prowess with dazzling footwork and precision passes. The competitive spirit burned brightly as former schoolmates battled it out for victory in a match of all weather seasons. 

RGC 0 - Leavers’ 1

Meanwhile, on the netball court, swift movements and strategic plays kept spectators on the edge of their seats. Former netball stars seamlessly transitioned back into their roles, their agility and teamwork a sight to behold. The air was filled with shouts of encouragement and the satisfying swish of the net as goals were scored. 

RGC 17 - Leavers’ 8

Over on the hockey pitch, the clash of sticks and the thud of the ball echoed across the water based pitch as former pupils showcased their stick skills and determination. Every sprint, every tackle, and every goal was met with roars of approval from the crowd, as alumni and current pupils alike cheered on their respective teams with unwavering passion. 

Boys:’ RGC 7 - Leavers’ 2

Girls’: RGC 3 - Leavers’ 1

And on the rugby field, brute strength and strategic manoeuvers collided in a display of raw athleticism and camaraderie. Former rugby stars charged headlong into the fray, their tackles fierce and their determination unwavering. The crowd erupted into cheers as tries were scored and tackles were made, the energy of the game palpable in the crisp autumn air. 

RGC 36 - Leavers 12

At the younger end of the rugby field, our P7 Leavers’ played S1. In an exciting match, S1 took the win.

As the matches drew to a close and the final whistles blew, there was no denying the sense of camaraderie and pride that permeated the air. Former pupils embraced each other warmly, swapping stories and reminiscing about days gone by. Though the matches may have ended, the memories forged on the fields of Countesswells would live on, a testament to the spirit of the Robert Gordon’s community.

Mr McLeod, Director of Sport, shared: “Leavers’ is always a special event for the whole RGC sporting community. The fixtures were played in great spirit with lots of smiles on faces. Leavers’ is a fantastic opportunity for us as a department to see the fruit of the 3-18 pathway which aims to promote a lifelong love of sport once pupils leave the College. This year we also introduced a P7 / S1 Leavers’ fixture which was a great success.” 

Leavers’ matches highlight homecoming heroes