In 1999, Scottish Parliament repelled Section 28 of Scottish law which banned talking about homosexuality in schools. Now 20 years on, teachers across the College have continued to put the spotlight on the LGBTI+ community throughout February in celebration of LGBT History Month

Educating pupils on the journey of the LGBTQI+ community, dedicated class discussions, researching external resources and the creation of classroom displays were all incorporated into learnings. 

With the journey towards a fully inclusive society still in progress today, teachers hoped the activities would help pupils understand more about the community, the issues still at large and inspire pupils to make proactive steps to create a fully inclusive environment. 

The BBC Scotland article “Coming Oot: The fabulous history of gay Scotland” proved an invaluable read for pupils along with the resources provided by Stonewall the UK’s leading campaign body for equality rights for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. 

Mr Macpherson also shared a blog covering diversity and focused on the importance of embedding LGBTQI+ learnings into the Scottish curriculum. See the full post here.

Stonewall LGBTQI+ awareness poster
Miss Robb's class create a display dedicated to LGBTQI+
Stonewall LGBTQI+ awareness poster
The College celebrates LGBT History Month