Four S4-S6 teams competed in the annual international mathematics competition ‘Mathématiques sans Frontières’ where all four teams achieved top ten placings. Congratulations also to the S5 team who are the overall winners from the Scottish (+ friends) branch of the competition. 

On Thursday 10 March pupils completed a number of mathematical puzzles, some of which were required to be answered in a foreign language. In April, entries were marked at a top secret location with the group junior and senior division results being listed below:

  • Mr Fogiel's MAT531 class finished 1st in Senior Division, overall winners

  • Mrs West's MAT411 class finished 4th in Junior Division

  • Mrs Pathakji's MAT421 class finished 6th in Junior Division

  • Mr McCormick's MAT521 class finished 7th in Senior Division

Mr Fogiel, Head of Mathematics shared: “The Mathematics Department encourages pupils to participate in co-curricular competitions wherever possible, and we are very proud of how successful they are. Mathématiques sans Frontières is a unique opportunity for pupils to combine their mathematical skills with their knowledge of modern languages, and all four classes have done themselves and the College proud by performing so well.”

Mathématiques sans Frontières: Senior School pupils win maths competition