2020, and 2021 so far, will be remembered as the year where news was at the centre of our daily lives. Under the grasp of the pandemic, the Gordon’s community is constantly evolving and the new pupil-led S6 Media Group is committed to enhancing positive communication about what’s going on behind closed doors at the College. 
Launching a media hub to the Gordon’s community, the nine pupils behind the initiative are excited to share podcasts, interviews and videos alongside written articles. 
Group members Tara, Victoria and Nicole share their views on the pandemic, S6 and their future plans. 
Tara said: “COVID-19 has thrown a relentless amount of challenges at me - especially because both of my parents are frontline NHS workers and have been away a lot more than usual. However, playing with my little brother reminds me of the sense of fun and silliness you lose as you grow up. His completely crazy personality helps put a much needed smile on my face!
“I’ve been at RGC for 13 years now, and where COVID-19 has robbed my last year of school, it’s been rewarding to see the College come together as one, ensuring all of us are supported in any way necessary.
“My future plan is to study medicine, particularly anywhere that has better weather than Scotland.”
Victoria commented: “Through COVID-19, I have tried to make the most of every day by walking the dog or doing an online workout. It has also given me the capability to adapt to what seems like an endless amount of changing circumstances.
"S6 has been a very odd year - definitely not what we as a year group hoped for. However, I have appreciated having time to build stronger relationships with my classmates, as well as sharing a laugh or smile with them.
“I plan to go to university and study psychology. Currently, I’m not yet certain of where I want to go or where I’ll end up.”
Nicole highlighted: “During lockdown, I spent time with my family, especially my youngest sister, who always puts a smile on our faces. I’ve had time to practice hobbies and even read half of my bookshelf - helping me pass the time and keep creative.
“I’ve found S6 unusual with no dance club or show. However, being involved in the Media Group and Yearbook has allowed me to work with friends and enjoy all the projects we do.
“I’m planning on studying fashion design at university, and eventually start my own business. But for now, my main priority is to help those in need by spreading kindness and positivity through my charity and volunteer work.”
Tara, Victoria, Nicole along with fellow pupil members have already started to plan and produce content which will be shared soon. 

Pupil-led media group aims to brighten challenging days with positive college news