In collaboration with RGU,  Dr Antonella Tonna from the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, has been sharing the importance of safety around medicine with Primary 4. 

Mrs Murray,  Class Teacher shared: “The workshops on Medicine Safety are always very popular with Primary 4 and this year, as part of our Offsite Education Programme, Dr Tonna delivered her presentation online and designed super new activities which could be conducted at home.

“Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed participating in the tasks set by Dr Tonna, which included learning how to carefully and very precisely manage liquid dosage using different tools for measure, and writing a medicine label containing all the vital elements discussed in the workshop. They then noted questions they would like to ask regarding any aspect of medicines and each class met Dr Tonna for a valuable digital Question and Answer session. We have some great budding pharmacists in our midst!

“Medicine Safety features within the Primary 4  third term Health and Wellbeing topic, Rules and Laws. This fascinating area of study covers a wide range of themes, including safety, across all aspects of our lives.”

Dr Tonna, Pharmacy Lecturer, RGU commented: "I found the level of the kids' engagement to be very impressive. They had obviously had time to think about the topic and asked questions well beyond Medicines and Safety including many queries about pharmacy and the role of pharmacists. Their enthusiasm and commitment was evident and it was great that I even got to see them all and knew all their names too! Thank you to RGC for allowing me to pilot this programme in a new virtual way."

Henry, P4 said: “I really enjoyed the experiment but it was harder than I thought because I kept spilling the water. I learned that it is better to use a syringe than any spoon, especially the ice cream scoop!”

Fred, P4 had some super questions asking, “How many different types of medicines are there? Do medicines come from different countries to the UK? and, Can you use the same medicines for different illnesses?”

Medicine Safety