S5 pupil Olivier P was delighted to visit the home of the Met Office in Exeter after securing a week-long work experience placement. 

Visiting the Met Office’s Hazard’s Team, Olivier toured a number of different departments including but not limited to; Aviation, Space and Weather, IT, Supercomputers, Atmospheric Pollution, Commercial, Crisis Simulation for a volcanic eruption. He also embraced the challenge of getting in front of the camera and presenting the weather using a green screen whilst having to coordinate his movements in a mirror image of what he was looking at. 

Olivier gained a deeper understanding that the Met Office is not only home to presenting the weather that we see online or on TV, but is a strategic resource that extends to many critical areas of life. Providing weather and climate forecasts, the Met Office helps keep people safe and enables them to plan, prepare and make the most of their free time. It helps protect UK armed forces as they plan missions and also advises sectors, including energy and retail, of weather that might affect consumer trends to support the prosperity of UK economies.