This week we welcome MIT students Neha and Jade to Robert Gordon’s College to teach RGC pupils using their skills in Computer Science, Biology, Business Studies and Maths.

Their arrival from Boston marks the seventh year of the partnership between MIT and Robert Gordon’s College, bringing world class expertise to our classrooms throughout the month of January to inspire and shape future career paths for our pupils. 

Neha and Jade bring with them the culture of learning from MIT and will showcase the best of their technical skills using tasks that reinforce working in teams, leadership, analytical skills and critical thinking which will help pupils to learn how to present yourself and your work. Neha and Jade will be delivering classes and lectures to pupils from P1 to S6 and are also supporting the new RGC Online service which sets out to prepare pupils across the country prepare for careers in the tech industry. 

Neha holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. She brings expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from her impressive work experience at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL) and Microsoft. Outside of her lectures, Neha is involved in HackMIT and MIT’s club to support women in Computer Science. 

Jade is currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Brain & Cognitive Science. She brings with her a cross-disciplinary perspective and real-life entrepreneurial and branding insight following her role at The Majira Project alongside work experience at the US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. Outside of the classroom, Jade is passionate about climate change having founded an activism group in high school and latterly in her role at Civic Synergy facilitating political discussion focussed on climate change legislation.

Neha said: “Having been a teaching assistant at various departments at MIT, I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to explain Mathematics and Computing. Connecting to outside the classroom, I find it exciting to bridge the theoretical concepts taught in class to real-world applications of science and technology. I am excited to bring these skills to Robert Gordon’s College and work with the bright pupils here!”

Jade shared: “Aside from my mother, the most impactful people in my life have been educators. I have been motivated by my teachers to not only learn to my fullest ability, but to apply the skills they taught me by sharing them with someone else. I look forward to carrying on their legacies with the pupils at RGC, but equally as important to me is the opportunity to learn from them."

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