Members of the College’s Model UN club attended MOCK COP last week to get a taste of what world leaders would discuss at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. 

Organised by the University of Aberdeen, pupils from secondary schools across the North-east joined the virtual conference to debate on behalf of nations across the globe. The pupils from the College represented The Kingdom of Sweden and took part in role play exercises which reflected the negotiations happening at COP26.

The teams participated in structured pairwise debates, discussing key environmental issues and offering resolutions to combat climate change. Following the sessions using their powers of persuasion, negotiating skills and strong arguments, the event ended in a vote between all members on which arguments were the most impactful.

Willis M (S5) said: "The mock COP was a great experience which widened my understanding of how the real COP event will run and it helped me personally see the problem that countries face to solve the climate emergency."

Mrs Willetts, Teacher of Biology, helps run the Model UN group and shared, "COP26 taking place in Scotland has been really exciting for members of our Model UN. The Mock COP has allowed a group of S5 to really get a feel for working collaboratively with others towards a common goal, whilst increasing their climate awareness."

The College’s Model UN club runs every Monday afterschool and welcomes new members from S2-S6 to join. If you are interested in joining, please contact Mrs Willets.

Model UN attend MOCK COP