After their success at St Leonard’s earlier in the month, seventeen S2-S6 pupils participated in a mini Model UN conference held at St Margaret’s School for Girls where they delved into discussions on the disarmament in space and the gender pay gap. 

The event featured two thought-provoking committees: DISEC delved into discussions on disarmament in space and the utilisation of space resources, while Human Rights tackled the pressing issue of the gender pay gap. Additionally, a General Assembly emergency debate addressed the recent blockades in the Suez Canal.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the debate and used the opportunity to continue to foster their skills in diplomacy, negotiation and consensus building. Their ability to articulate their arguments effectively ensure they came away with the top prizes at the conference: 

  • Katrina P (S4) Best Overall Delegation, representing UAE

  • George I (S5) Highly Commended Delegate for DISEC, representing Russia

  • Callum P (S4) Highly Commended Delegate for Human Rights, representing DPRK

Mr Campbell, Head of Languages, said: "We are delighted that our pupils continue to perform very well indeed at the Conferences that we attend. Model UN offers students a unique platform to develop essential skills like critical thinking, diplomacy, and leadership. It's a hands-on experience that immerses them in global issues, fostering collaboration and a deeper understanding of international relations."

Continued success for RGC Model UN pupils