A triumph of debate, diplomacy and discourse for RGC pupils at the inaugural St Leonards Model UN Conference. 

The theme for the conference was “Combating social and political polarisation to advance international  co-operation”. Students from across Scotland met for St Leonards inaugural Model United Nations Conference and spent the weekend working together on a collaboration of ideas, resolutions, and impassioned speeches. Over three days, delegates delved deep into global issues, engaging in spirited debates and forging alliances to tackle pressing challenges facing our world today.

Speakers across the course of the weekend all shared their advice on negotiation and diplomacy with Nick Pickard, Europe Bilateral Director, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Fiona Byth, British Ambassador to Mongolia closing the weekend with an intriguing and insightful Q and A into the daily life of a diplomat. Both urged delegates to develop their listening skills - only through listening to others can we understand their position and move towards compromise. 

Our pupils addressed various topics ranging from eradicating forced criminality to establishing a legal framework for combating disinformation and safeguarding the safety and freedom of journalists. With six committees in session and our pupils representing Nigeria and Indonesia, the conference was a platform for intellectual exchange and diplomatic negotiation.

While the conference was focused on serious discussion, we also enjoyed the chance to explore St. Andrews.  We enjoyed strolling through the historic town, and indulged in the famous ice cream from Jannettas - only in Scotland can you enjoy ice cream in the rain! St Leonards hosted both a ceilidh and disco, where much enjoyment was had by all with several new dances added to their repertoire.

Amidst the sea of participants, the dedication of our pupils shone brightly, with hours of preparation paying off. Out of the twelve delegates representing RGC seven were recognised for their exceptional contributions to their committee, with three securing the coveted title of Best Delegate. 

Delegation of Nigeria George (S5), Moha (S4), Louisa (S4), Ellie (S4), Sam (S5) and Jess (S6)

Delegation of Indonesia Katrina (S4), Ollie (S5), Jojo (S4), Tanish (S4), Naira (S4) and Kirsteen (S5)



  • Katrina (S4) Honourable Mention in Disarmament and International Security representing Indonesia
  • Louisa (S4) Honourable Mention in Specialised Committee on Media and Censorship representing Nigeria
  • Naira (S4) Best Delegate in Humanitarian and Cultural Committee representing Indonesia
  • Jojo (S4) Honourable Mention in Specialised Committee for the mitigation of party polarisation representing Indonesia
  • Tanish (S4) Honourable Mention in Specialised Committee on Media and Censorship representing Indonesia
  • Oliver (S5) Best Delegate in Security Council representing Nigeria
  • George (S5) Best Novice Delegate in Disarmament and Security Committee representing Nigeria
Pupils shine at inaugural St Leonards Model UN Conference