In a recent episode of the ‘I’d Rather be at the Beach’ podcast hosted by Simon Jones, Mrs Smith was invited to discuss the one-year milestone of implementing a no mobile phone policy. The podcast, which delves into various topics related to education, explored the effects and outcomes of this bold initiative.

Simon Jones, Creator at Bonjour Agency, said: “As soon as I heard that it’d been a year since Clare introduced this initiative, I was very keen to find out what the results were in school. It sounded like a bold thing to do in school, and I felt like we needed to hear more about it.” 

Mrs Smith, Head of Senior School, shared: “It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the rationale behind our new policy and the real life impact on the teaching and learning across our Senior School. The reduced distraction, improved focus in classrooms and enhanced social interactions among pupils have been key aspects of the policy’s success. I had a great chat with Simon and hope this will offer listeners an opportunity to reflect on their own school policies and potentially explore new strategies for productive learning environments.”

For those interested in hearing the full conversation and gaining further insights, the podcast episode is available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts under the title 'I'd Rather be at the Beach.'

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Clare Smith, Head of Senior School
Mrs Smith discusses impact of no mobile phone policy on 'I'd Rather be at the Beach' podcast