The Mountain Biking Club took to the trails on Sunday 8th March with a visit to Kirkhill Forest.

Mr Tayler said: "We had a great MTB Club trip at the weekend. All cyclists did really well working on skills in the morning and focussing on tackling berms at speed. We enjoyed a longer ride in the afternoon managing some bigger drop offs."

Kaden (S2) shared: “We focussed on pumping around berms and explored Kirkhill Forest for new trails and tracks. Mountain Biking Club is fun. It gives a different experience to the other clubs at school and I encourage other people to join.”  

Mr McEwan shares: "The MTB Club allows pupils to explore the fantastic natural environment on our doorstep whilst developing their skills and experience of off-road riding. They also learn about their rights and responsibilities towards the environment itself and other users whilst being encouraged to continue biking as a healthy and sustainable lifelong activity. Mountain Biking truly is a fun way to get outside!"

Mountain Biking is a fun extra curricular club in Senior School with Coaches Mr Tayler and Mr McEwan. They visit forest trails throughout the region once a month where pupils can also have the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised certificates through assessment against the Go MTB Award criteria.