Mr Pearson, Assistant Head of Music and Mr Rencontre, Art Teacher brought a group of S6 pupils together to work on a cross curricular project where a capella group Concordia recorded ‘Natural Woman’ with fellow S6 pupils creatively editing a final music video that was filmed around the College.

Mr Pearson shares: “Given the talent in Concordia, I wanted to do something more creative; something that would be both musically and visually arresting. Mr Rencontre, the singers and I shared ideas before arriving at what you see in the video. 

“The current Covid restrictions meant that the singers couldn’t perform together, so we arrived at the idea of having them in different locations around the school. It’s as if Alex in the Library, Kirsty in the Recording Studio and Megan in the Governors’ Room are all singing along to Tito’s vocal. You can imagine that a lot of work went into the project, but the pupils were fantastic and we all enjoyed the process thoroughly. Special thanks to Conor and Hugo for their excellent work and professionalism in preparing the final edit.”

Megan (S6) comments: “As a group we love trying out many genres of music such as soul and pop, but it is safe to say we all love a good Christmas song, we are currently working on a new song for this Christmas! We began as an a capella group but have recently become a vocal harmony group as it allows us to have an even larger choice of songs, as we can now have instrumental backing. We would like to thank the Music Department, especially Mr Pearson for his continuous support and constructive feedback (which we always take onboard!). We would also like to thank Mr Macpherson for the opportunities he has provided us.” 

Mr Rencontre says: “Cross-curricular projects are always interesting to do. You have an initial idea of what you’d like to happen and also an idea of what the finished task might look like. However, you have no idea until you begin what the options or problems might be. Once you start this creative process, you soon begin to realise that the only limitation is time, as the possibilities and ideas are simply endless! It was great to work with such talented and enthusiastic pupils, who were willing to run with Mr Pearson's idea and make it their own. A tribute to their ingenuity, in what is a very different school experience than the one they should be enjoying in their final year at Gordon’s College.”

Mrs Watson, Deputy Head (S3-S4) highlights: “The outcome of this collaborative project is truly fantastic. The vocal talents of Concordia are seen at their very best in the highly creative approach taken by their peers in producing the video. All in all, this is a superb production and highlights just how much can be achieved in challenging circumstances.”

Megan adds: “Concordia was formed in 2018 when Tito, Alex and I joined together to sing, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at the RGC Christmas Concert. After that concert, we bonded as a group and became more aware of how our voices blended together however we knew something was missing. Last year, we decided that we should add a fourth person, Kirsty, our missing piece was found! Our first performance as a quartet was a Christmas medley of “Little Drummer Boy and The First Noel” which was truly amazing as we got the chance to sing on stage at the Music Hall with three close friends and do what we love the most... sing! Being asked to participate in Black History Month was definitely one of the proudest moments for us, as we really felt we made an impact. 

“Sadly this is the final year for Tito, Alex and myself, we will all miss Concordia so much as we have seen it grow from the very beginning all the way to where we are today. We are all so proud of our achievement and we can't wait to come to all of the future Christmas concerts to watch Kirsty and the new Concordia members.”

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