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The annual Northsound Energy Schools Challenge always provides pupils with a fantastic opportunity to not only participate in tense quizzes but also a chance to see the production of a polished radio show.

The team consisting of Robert K, Megan McC, Henry J and I proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2019 quiz, successfully making it through four different rounds to reach the final.

Having visited a different oil and gas company each week we were presented with microphones and buzzers before starting the final challenge. No amount of practice questions could prepare us for the wide range of topics covered in the quiz. From music, sports, science and general knowledge, the team were rigorously quizzed and put to the test and with a few points between ourselves and the opposition in the final round, it all came down to the speed of our hands on the buzzer. All our hard work rested on the results of ten questions based on General Knowledge and even with lightning reflexes, we were still unsure if we had done enough to bring home the trophy. However, I am delighted to report that Team RGC won.

The challenge has not only been a brilliant opportunity to practice our quizzing skills but was also incredibly rewarding to have each round edited and aired on the radio. 

Our thanks go to Mrs Farquhar who not only cheered us on from the side lines week after week but also prepared us with the mock quizzes she created.

Beth K (Team Captain)