Embarking on a sport trip to Leeds presented a golden opportunity for our S1-S3 Netball players. Beyond the thrill of competing against other schools, it was a fantastic opportunity to develop their skills as a team and share unforgettable experiences beyond the court. 

Miss Duddy, Teacher in charge of Netball, commented: “The weekend tour to Leeds was a first for RGC Netball and was a valuable experience for all S1-S3 players in attendance. Netball in North West England is notoriously strong and games against Woodhouse Grove and Queen Ethelburga’s provided challenge for our girls and allowed an opportunity to test their netball skills against unfamiliar opposition. The timing of the tour also acted as fantastic preparation for our Cup squads, as they headed into quarter final rounds just after our return. 

“Following the games, the girls also had time to explore the city of Leeds and enjoyed a spot of shopping at the Trinity Centre! The weekend culminated with a trip to the Finals of the Netball Nations Cup where the girls got to watch Jamaica vs Uganda and Australia vs England. To watch netball on the elite stage was a new experience for most of the girls and not only did they improve their game knowledge, they were also fortunate enough to meet some of the England players after the game and came away incredibly inspired by the performances they had just witnessed on court. 

“The whole weekend was a wonderful occasion where existing relationships with teammates were strengthened and new friendships with others were formed. Playing in a new location, against different opponents, added an exciting dimension to our sport, pushing the players to new heights. It was fantastic to see so many of our girls enjoying their netball and I hope it is an experience we can repeat again in seasons to come.”

Yashica (S1) said: “Our weekend trip to Leeds was a trip full of making memories, gaining experience in our plays and the chance to improve our skills by watching a professional match. Playing two different schools allowed us to compete against different skill sets and earn a mix of results from the various teams we had. We were lucky to watch the 3rd place playoffs and the finals of the Netball Nations Cup. I enjoyed watching Australia win (having supported them) and overall I enjoyed making lots of fun memories with my friends and gaining lots of experience. Again, thank you for such a great experience at Leeds!” 

Sofia (S2) added: “Going to watch the Nations Cup Final at Leeds arena was truly a phenomenal experience. Watching netball at the highest, international standard provided invaluable insight into the sport, inspiring us to evaluate our own netball. Playing matches against other English teams was an incredible learning opportunity. Watching England's style of play encouraged us to adapt our own netball, improving us as a team and as individual players. Additionally, exploring the city of Leeds together was one of the highlights of our trips and allowed us to form friendships with new people. Overall, we owe a huge thank you to all the staff who put their time and effort into organising this trip. Leeds was a fantastic opportunity that we will never forget, and has left S2 eager for future trips and a deepened love for netball.”

Emma (S3) highlighted: “The trip was well organised and definitely a highlight to my year. The ability to make close bonds within your netball team is what netball is all about. Robert Gordon’s College were well matched in a battle against the teams down there, the atmosphere whilst playing was one you could only dream of, not to mention the friendliest welcome we could have received from both schools. Being able to finish off our trip watching Netball Nations Cup Finals was definitely an eye opener watching that very high level of netball. The trip was filled with good moods, highlights, success and memories we will remember forever.”

Netball Tour: Leeds 2024