RGC CCF Army Section Cadet Cpl Angus J has been appointed to the role of Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for the City of Aberdeen. Angus will serve for one year from 27th June, the date of the planned 2020 Armed Forces Day. During the year, he will accompany Lord Provost Barney Crockett when he attends a variety of official events in the role of Lord Lieutenant, representing Her Majesty The Queen.

Wg Cdr Montgomery said: "In the citation submitted by us, Angus was praised for his outstanding contribution to the CCF over several years. He has been a key member of our Scottish Cadet Military Skills Competition team and is a very capable instructor in a range of fields. He is working towards Gold level of the DofE Scheme and has also completed the DofE Diamond Challenge, using a rowing machine to cover the equivalent of the English Channel. He holds the Chief Scout’s Gold Award and is working towards Platinum. He is seriously considering a career with the Police, following study at university, with a particular interest in Anti Terrorist or Armed Response duties."

Angus generously acknowledged the important role the CCF has played in his life in a recent email following his appointment saying, "I greatly value this and the qualities I have gained through the CCF over the many years especially leadership, motivation and the desire to constantly improve both as a cadet and as an individual. Thank you for giving me the confidence to apply for this position in the first place. Had I not been part of the CCF I would not have had as many of the skills and qualities which the Army section has enabled me to develop. These skills will not just be valuable in the CCF, but also in later life as I progress onto university and then into my career. Looking back I recognise how much I have changed dramatically. This is largely due to my time in the CCF."

Wg Cdr Mongtomery added: "Angus will succeed our RAF Section Sgt Gajhana R in this role. Gajhana has had a highly successful and enjoyable year. We are extremely grateful to the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association, the Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeen and also the Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire for supporting this scheme, which provides young people with tremendous opportunities to experience events and meet people in highly influential positions, and to them and their predecessors for approving many nominations we have submitted over a considerable number of years."