The girls and boys of Nursery have been very busy this week exploring our local environment. On Monday, we visited the newly-refurbished Art Gallery. In Nursery, we have been learning about the Gallery’s most iconic painting, “To Pastures New,” by Sir James Guthrie, which is colloquially know as “The Goose Girl.” We also learned that Guthrie and his fellow artists were known as The Glasgow Boys. We were thrilled when we eventually tracked down the painting in the Gallery. We can’t wait to make another visit and see some more wonderful pieces of art.

On Thursday, we went on a number-recognition walk because we have been learning to identify different numbers and to write them. We discovered that numbers were everywhere! We were able to correctly identify lots of numbers in shop windows, signs and price tickets. At the moment, there are lots of twinkly things in The Bon Accord Centre that captivated us, but more of that later!!!