This week in Nursery we enjoyed a wonderful morning in the snow at Countesswells. The children were so excited to be outside in the falling snow. Trying to catch falling snowflakes on one’s tongue was the number one activity. We loved watching the snowflakes melt on the bushes and leaves when the sun made an appearance. Our fingers are crossed that one Thursday soon we will see lots of snow on the ground. The children have been excitedly discussing their plans, from building a snowman to skiing!

The Nursery garden saw the first steps in its makeover. The girls and boys weeded the planters and added new compost in readiness for some winter planting. Their enthusiasm for the task is evident to see and they were so proud of their efforts. Many apologies for the muddy knees and jackets that came home this week. We will keep you posted on all of the Nursery garden developments. 

Mrs Kinsey