This week in Nursery the children have been learning about keeping healthy.

Mrs Kinsey said: “Mrs Crichton from Primary 3 visited Nursery to tell us that when she is not being a teacher or mum to Iona and Erica she spends her time running. She showed us her running kit and all the medals she has collected from the races she has taken part in. Mrs Crichton had a medal for running 26 miles! We were very impressed.

"Nurse Tor and Nurse Katie came into Nursery to show us how to wash our hands in order for them to be very clean. We all had great fun checking to see if we had been able to wash our hands very carefully. 

"A trip to Marks and Spencer in order to buy healthy snacks for Nursery was enjoyed by us all. We decided to buy blueberries, red peppers, bananas and strawberries. The different fruit and vegetables we chose certainly made for a yummy snack.”