Exploring the Mathematical concept of length has been lots of fun for the Nursery children. Venturing outdoors they measured many natural resources in the Nursery garden at Schoolhill and also at Countesswells. This included sticks and cones, as well as their feet and hands to find out how long they are, using non-standard units of measure. They have developed their use of mathematical vocabulary such as longer, shorter, heavier, lighter, bigger and smaller.

The short bus journey to Countesswells is always an exciting adventure as everyone relishes the opportunity to explore the outdoors. There is always an interesting amount of treasure to be found whether it be beechnuts, cones, moss, twigs, sticks or berries which the children can always put to good use. Climbing the small sturdy trees continues to be an exciting challenge for the children. During their next trips, they will be looking for signs of Spring to understand the different seasons and what each brings with it. 

The children are always reading lots of books in Nursery to enhance vocabulary and to support listening and talking activities. It has been fantastic to welcome parents and guardians via Google Meet to read stories to their child’s key group. The children have also been sharing their favourite book with their peers. Mrs Johnson, Deputy Head comments: "It is very heartening to see that our children, even at this very early stage, can discuss and share their enjoyment of books in front of an audience. We are thrilled to have so many enthusiastic bookworms."

Working with Madame Miller, Teacher of French, they are looking forward to celebrating the different languages in our Nursery and hearing the children and parents share their favourite stories and nursery rhymes in their first language. 

Exploring the topic of growing up in Drama, Mrs Rose highlights: "We have considered how we can use our imagination to make believe that anything is possible through the character of ‘Stickman’. We have explored different emotions through various scenarios to explore some of our strongest and most prevalent human feelings and how we might handle and express them. Drama at this stage is all about play, creativity and fun. Lessons are designed to give the children varied and multidimensional tasks, which encourage teamwork and problem solving. This provides many opportunities to feel accomplished and emotionally boosted by their learning. It has been wonderful to see their confidence grow and I always enjoy hearing the excited approach of each group as they walk up through the Junior School to see me every Tuesday!"

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