We have begun our biweekly visits to Countesswells. The opportunity to explore in a different outdoor environment full of trees, bushes, cones, sticks, bugs and muddy puddles has proved to be a very big hit. Our visits always conclude with hot chocolate, which always tastes so much better when we have it outside. Countesswells is looking particularly well and it has afforded the children the opportunity to observe the changing season in all its glorious reds, yellows and gold tones. The abundance of fallen leaves always leads to questions and curiosity about texture, shape and colour. The joy of a shower of leaves thrown up into the air is not to be missed if you are aged three or four years old. 

More recently, we have been busy in Nursery learning to count, recognise and write numbers, as well as our names. The children have been using a number of fun materials such as play-dough, goop, paint and crayons, in order to build up their fine-motor capabilities. Carving pumpkins was a very popular activity again this year. The concentration when carving was very impressive indeed. We gathered up the seeds to plant and also to use at our craft table. 

Mrs Kinsey 

Nursery News