Robert Gordon’s College has welcomed the official opening of the new Nursery at Schoolhill.

With support from former Governor, Dr George Stevenson, the opening ceremony took place on Thursday 12th December. Families enjoyed the Nursery Nativity followed by an official opening in the new purpose-built Nursery.

Talking to the nursery children, families and Governors today, Dr Stevenson said: “I am delighted to be here today to officially open the new nursery. The nursery to me is like a Christmas Pudding with several ingredients to make it a success. The first is the vision which was provided by Mrs Webb, Mrs Johnson and Mrs MacLeod. The second is of course the architect who produces the plans for the vision. The third ingredient is the money and we have the Governors to thank for supporting this fantastic new facility. The fourth is the builders who have created a lovely building to learn in. The fifth and final ingredient to make this all a success is having a great team to run the place and I am sure that all families here today will agree what an amazing job the team do. I hope in years to come you will remember this special day.”

Mrs Webb commented: “We are delighted to welcome Dr Stevenson to officially open the Nursery today which marks an important milestone in the history of Robert Gordon’s College. We are very grateful for the support he has provided throughout, including the equipment which he built which is a valuable addition to the setting. It is fantastic to see how the nursery team and children enjoy using the outdoor play equipment at Schoolhill and Countesswells. We have had a lovely morning celebrating with our families and watching the Nursery Nativity. 

“The enhanced Nursery provision continues to offer high quality learning experiences in a new environment with our experienced staff to support our youngest children to make the very best start to their learning. The extended hours are providing a more flexible offering to families.” 

The new purpose-built Nursery opened in August 2019 for children aged 3-5 years old. The new service offering provides year-round (48 weeks) or term time enrolment (37 school weeks), dedicated enhanced outdoor area for learning and play, extended daily operating hours from 7.15am to 6pm and on site parking for drop off and pick up. Nursery children follow the Curriculum for Excellence at Early Level with the emphasis on learning through quality play. Curiosity, creativity, resilience and independence are encouraged so that each child can learn at their own pace, be challenged to stretch their capabilities and supported by caring staff along the way. The curriculum is enriched by Specialist Subjects including Art, French, Mandarin, Music and Physical Education.