Gordonians from around the globe are gearing up for the inaugural Robert Gordon's College New York Tartan Weekend on 5-6 April 2024 when the Robert Gordon’s College Pipe Band and Highland Dancers take part in the world renowned New York City Tartan Day Parade for the first time in the School’s history.

There has been strong support from across the Gordonian community to travel to New York to be part of this special moment in the history of the College. Members of the RGC US Development Committee, who are all former pupils of the school, have  been extraordinary in their collaborative efforts to pave the way for  a memorable experience and programme of events creating memories that will be long-lasting.

David Dalgarno, Class of ‘76, Chair of the US Development Committee, expressed his delight about the upcoming weekend, stating: "We are looking forward to welcoming fellow Gordonians to parade with the RGC Pipe Band for the first time in the history of Robert Gordon's College. It's a momentous occasion that underscores the global reach and unity of our school."

Chris Cusiter, Class of ‘00, another proud Gordonian, encouraged his peers in America and around the world to join the events, emphasising the impact their support can make. Chris shared: "I would encourage Gordonians in America and further afield to make the trip to New York as your support will truly make a difference. We look forward to getting everyone together to celebrate our shared legacy". 

Based on the ground in New York, Dougal Grimes, Class of '00, shares: "I am so excited to be supporting Robert Gordon’s College and the pipe band. We have gone above and beyond to curate a weekend of events so if you live in the USA or beyond, this truly will be an event not to be missed.”

The Robert Gordon's College Pipe Band and Highland Dancers will spend five days in New York City during Tartan Week where they will perform in locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, visit former pupils in their workplace to learn about living and working in the US and participate in the formal Tartan Day Parade on Saturday 6 April. Bringing the Robert Gordon’s community together will be an important moment in the lifespan of the Pipe Band and is testament to the wonderful talent of the pipers, drummers and highland dancers.

Laura Presslie, Director of Development, Marketing, and Admissions added: "As the excitement builds for Tartan Weekend, we have enjoyed hearing from Gordonians who are travelling to meet their friends and family members in New York. We are immensely proud of our pupils participating in the Tartan Day Parade and this will definitely be a highlight in the alumni events calendar for years to come. We are grateful to our former pupils in the US who are providing on the ground support in New York to ensure our weekend of alumni events provide a special experience and show strong support to the RGC pupils as we parade together through the streets of Manhattan”.

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Momentum builds across the Gordonian community for New York Tartan Weekend