Our Holiday Club children have enjoyed a variety of activities during the first week of the October break at Countesswells Sports Field. 

Nature walks encouraged the children to collect and transform natural materials like leaves and twigs into beautiful and sustainable works of art. 

Using potatoes and squash, our young artists created unique masterpieces with their organic tools. 

They enthusiastically gathered in the refectory, ingredients at the ready, as they embarked on a culinary experience baking cupcakes together. 

A scavenger hunt turned Countesswells into an adventurous playground as the children eagerly searched for hidden treasures and solved clues along the way. 

Mr Keane, Deputy Out of Hours Care Manager shared: "Another great week at Countesswells during the October holidays. From scavenging for items for craft like giant pinecones, to playing dodgeball under the stand and even baking some spooky halloween cupcakes the week had everything. From the smiles on their faces all the children had a great time, not even letting the stormy weather dampen their spirits!"

October School Holiday Club: Exploring Creativity and Sustainability