After touring Aberdeen City Centre as part of their ‘Our Community’ project, Primary 5 pupils were saddened to find so many empty retail units. 

Keen to make a change in their community, but unsure of how to do so, the pupils reached out to businessman and leader of ‘Our Union Street’ Bob Keiller to invite him to the College.

Speaking with the children, he shared the plans to revive the city centre and listened to the fantastic ideas from our pupils. 

From quirky cat-cafes to innovative interactive shop fronts, our pupils showcased a plethora of imaginative and inspiring ideas aimed at breathing new life into our community. 

Primary 5 pupil Ishan said: “I am excited to play my part in repairing Union Street, I hope that Union Street can be returned to its former glory.” 

Elspeth shared: “I think Mr Keiller is really inspiring and I am looking forward to helping him in his journey to save our Union Street.”

Primary 5 share ideas to re-energise Union Street