In Primary 1 the Social Studies topic this term is ’People Who Help Us’. The Police were of particular interest to the children but we have also learned a lot about the important roles of Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Vets, and Firefighters.

Mrs Main contacted PS Andy Sawers of Police Scotland who, with the support of his team, was delighted to create a video for the pupils to explain a day in the life of a Police Officer. 

Mrs Main shared: “Through this exciting project, we try to liaise directly with professionals working in specific roles to help us to bring our topic to life. When learning about the Police and the roles and responsibilities that the officers have, it is vital that our young pupils know they can always approach a Police Officer and that they can trust the Police to help them. The feedback we received from both pupils and parents was phenomenal. Many families told us that their child watched the video numerous times and that they really enjoyed the information that was shared. I think we may have a number of budding Police Officers in Primary 1!”

Finlay Cocker (P1) said: “I liked the video! I liked the dog called Yogi, he was cute and can sniff things out. I want to be a policeman with a dog when I grow up!”

PS Andy Sawers commented: “When this request came through I knew immediately that PC John Calder would be the perfect person to carry out this request. It was an excellent piece of community work by him and his colleague PC Ian Paterson who played the lead role in the short video. There was also a fantastic appearance by PC Steve Warden and PD Yogi from the Dog Section who I knew the children would love to see. I am delighted to hear that the children enjoyed the video and it allows the virtual Police to get into schools."

Mrs Webb, Head of Junior School highlighted: “I am delighted that our children have been able to understand the vast range of people in our community who help us.  The children have clearly enjoyed this learning experience and have benefitted from the time and efforts from PC Sawyers and his team.”

Watch the video: