During their Health and Wellbeing topic, P6 pupils were inspired to stay connected with other children during lockdown by creating a mini digital library of different video books for the younger children. 

They choose their favourite book from when they were little and filmed themselves reading the story aloud. 

Catherine MacQ (P6) shared: “The books that we read also helped us practice our presentation skills and expression in reading.

I chose the book ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. For the ‘chanting’ in the story, I recorded myself putting on an accent and then overlapped it with my own funny voice. I thought this would be more effective because it would sound like more than one person, which is how it should sound in the book. I also added sound effects of a crow to make it seem more realistic. I had lots of fun creating this video and I really hope the younger children enjoyed listening to it.”

P6 Digital Storybook Library