During the last week of term, our Primary 6 pupils were excited to embark on their residential trip to Dalguise, Perthshire. 

On their travels south, the pupils were able to make a quick stop at Camperdown Park in Dundee before journeying onwards to Dalguise. The children quickly settled into their accommodation in the evening, with lots of games being played and spooky stories being told around the campfire.

The pupils participated in a number of activities during the week including abseiling, fencing, orienteering, burn walks, trapeze and they even had some time out on the water.

Mrs MacLeod, Deputy Head of Junior School shared: “Our Primary 6 pupils have had a wonderful week at Dalguise taking part in team building and problem solving activities.  The weather has been great and over the week the children have made many new friends across the year group.  The children will have many happy memories of this trip for years to come.”

In addition to classroom activities, co-curricular clubs and house events, this residential trip is another great opportunity for the year group to get to know their new peers who joined Robert Gordon’s College​ at the start of Primary 6​ from another school. ​It is a popular entry point for families where pupils work on a shared curricular programme to ensure a seamless transition into secondary education.