The Quad was full of music, fun and laughter last night as the sounds of the RGC Pipe Band brought the return of in-person practice sessions to life after a year of virtual lessons.  

Mr Sumner shared: “It is with great pride that we welcome the sound of piping and drumming in the Quadrangle again, we hope this will add some musical colour and bring back another layer of joy and sense of normality for our pupils.”

Blair C (P5) added: “It feels different to be back to F2F chanter again after so long having lessons online. It’s much better that we can now get back to making music together again.”

To mark the occasion, a member of the Pipe Band shared a poem highlighting how resilient the piping community is at the College.



You can take away our whole school Pipe Band activities and take away our Highland Games.

You can make us pipe, drum and practice alone at home and remove all that remains.

You can disappoint us with cancellations and throw regret, sadness and lost opportunities in our face.

But you can never remove our Pipe Band spirit - that irreplaceable grace.

The music we create is forever - when we’re apart we’re always stronger together.

You can’t take away our passion - you will not banish our ambition and drive.

We are RGC Pipe Band - musical athletes, piping and drumming make us feel alive.

Our core values and ethos make us so proud - piping and drumming will return to the Quad soon and we’ll play it so loud.

We are a musical, inspirational, powerful and ever lasting spark.

When you’re long gone we’ll still be here - bright and ready to leave our musical mark.


RGC Pipe Band returns to the Quad
RGC Pipe Band returns to the Quad