A special performance by members of the RGC Pipe Band will premiere on the RGC YouTube channel on Saturday 12 June at 10am to commemorate the Battle of St Valery-en-Caux otherwise known as ‘The Forgotten Dunkirk’. 

Playing the classic ‘Heroes of St Valery’ march from the Quad of the College, where their sound will join other pipers who play from doorsteps, gardens and parks from across Scotland and the world in memory of the men who fought in the battle.

Organised by PoppyScotland and the Royal Caledonian Education Trust (Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s charity), the initiatives have created online learning resources for young people, virtual tributes and a fundraising campaign to support their charity work. 

Both the military charities re-join forces following a successful event last year where over 500 pipers from as far afield as Peru and Kathmandu were brought together to play ‘Heroes of St Valery’ to mark the 80th anniversary of the battle. Last year’s event broke records as the largest ever mass piping event and it’s anticipated that this year’s event will be no different. 

Mr Sumner, Piping Instructor said: “We want to help shine a light of remembrance on the brave men who gave their lives or were captured and taken thousands of miles across Eastern Europe where they remained until the end of the War.

“Overlooked at the time, forgotten for too long, the stories of the heroes of St Valery are being brought centre stage this week so a new generation will remember their courage.

“There are many parallels between the struggles of the Second World War and what we are living through today during the pandemic but now it is our generation's responsibility to look after our surviving WW2 veterans. This meaningful gesture is a unique opportunity for pipers across Scotland and the world to pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad who sacrificed so much for the peace we enjoy today.”

Visit the RGC YouTube channel to view the performance and readings from 10am on Saturday 12 June along with more piping performances from the years.